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Chief 1201

2001 Chevrolet Tahoe

Serves as Chief's vehicle equipped with Incident Command

Console for on-scene operational direction.


Assistant Chief / Fire Marshal 1202

 2010 Chevrolet Tahoe

Serves as the Assistant Chief and Fire Marshal's vehicle. This vehicle is

equipped with an Incident Command Console for on-scene operational

direction and carries equipment for inspections and fire investigations.

Engine 1251

2010 Pierce Contender

5 person, 1500 gpm pump, 750 poly water tank, 30 gal foam system

Serves as Fire Supression and A.C.L.S. Medical response unit.

Engine 1252 (Reserve Engine)

1983 Pierce Dash

4 person, 1000 gpm pump, 750 water tank

Serves as an additional fire supression apparatus and a B.L.S. Medical

response unit with combination full-time employees and/or volunteer

 fire personnel.



Engine 1351

2010 Pierce Contender

5 person, 1500 gpm pump, 750 gal. poly tank, 30 gal. foam system

Serves as fire supression and a A.C.L.S. Medical response unit.



Ladder 1271

1991 Emergency One

6 person, 1500 gpm pump, 750 gal. tank, 75 ft. Aerial Ladder

Serves as areial firefighting apparatus, B.L.S. Medical response unit.



Support 1272

 2008 Chevrolet Pick Up

3 person, standard 3/4 ton pickup truck

Serves as staton utility truck, converted into wildand firegihting and

pulls special operartions trailers as needed.



Rescue 1291

 1996 Emergency One - Mini Pumper

2 person, 250 gpm pump 300 gallon tank, rescue body

Serves as wildland fire and rescue




2004 Kawasaki ATV

Used in wildand firefighting, serach and rescue and hazardous

materials operations to transport firefighters.






Special Operations 1



Special Operations 2



Special Operations 3



Special Operations 4



Mobile Incident Command 1



Light Tower



Mobile SCBA Compressor/Cascade



MASS Decontamination