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The Oneonta Fire Department continues to strive to protect the citizens and patrons of Oneonta; therefore our priority is Life Safety in every Commercial and Assembly occupancy. We accomplish this task by working alongside the City of Oneonta Building Inspections and the Licensing Department.

The Oneonta City Council passed a Resolution on November 14,2017 to utilize the 2015 edition of the International Family of Building Codes. Within this family of codes, the Fire Department utilizes the International Fire Code.

All codes; Fire Codes, Building Codes, Plumbing Codes and Electrical Codes all reference each other so one inspector shouldn’t contradict the other inspector.

However, it is most important that you do your part. Before you remodel, build or draw plans, ask questions. Inspectors will be happy to assist you in determining the functionality of your plans.

To help you, the 2015 edition. of the International Fire Codes are online.

You may access the fire codes by clicking here.

Once you have determined your ambition, two complete sets of construction plans must be submitted to be reviewed by the Building Inspector and the Fire Marshal before and work is performed. Once reviewed and approved, construction or remodel may begin.

As a reminder, once an inspection has been completed and a certificate of occupancy has been granted, it is the property owner/occupant’s responsibility to make sure that the building, services and arrangements that were in place to achieve the certificate of occupancy remain in place and operational annually.

For more information on the 2015 Fire Code, contact the Oneonta Fire Marshal at 205-274-2752.